World’s Most Expensive Chocolates

Ludicrous as it may seem, psicocentrofc here’s some truly fascinating facts for you to savor as you reward yourself with your next bar of chocolate…

Chocolate may be an aphrodisiac, but it is also a $$$moneymaker!
(according to Forbes Magazine)

You might enjoy knowing what Forbes Magazine considers to be the world’s most expensive and most likely, least affordable chocolates. Forbes featured a fascinating article on the poshest brands…ones that likely sprinkle gold dust into their cocoa…well, forbes lots of it! So before you think of purchasing you might better find your gold so that you can afford to pursue a pound, or merely a trifle…(or should I say truffle)!

Knipschilt Chocolates certainly leads the bunch, when it comes to price. Featured top of the list by Forbes Magazine, it’s the CROWN JEWEL CONFECTION of the world: a striking $2600 per pound!

Obviously, this is the one special Truffle truly fit for Royalty…

Fritz Knipschildt, from Denmark, and Maitre Chocolatier, of Knipschildt Chocolatier (founded in 1999 and awarded top honors as one of 3 best chocolatiers in the world by Gourmet Magazine) created the 42-gram (1.5 ounce) gem of a confection. This ultra sweet indulgence is handcrafted using a dark, classic ganache.

The ganache is made using French Valrhona Chocolate blended with fresh cream that has been infused for 24 hours with the flavor of vanilla pods and pure Italian truffle oil.

The ganache is then shaped around a French Perigord Truffle, eshop development known also as French black truffle (this truffle alone costs up to $1,000 per pound-454 grams). Next it is dipped in a 70% cocao-rich French Valrhona dark chocolate, and is finally dusted in cocoa powder.

What really makes the “Madeleine” Truffle so exquisite is the time and energy that goes into it. The ganache, for example, must be whipped repeatedly to make it as soft and silky as possible, and then it must be chilled so that it’s easier to work with. It’s a long and painstaking process, and for all its intensive labor…undoubtedly a labor of love…is revealed a flavor that is so ultimately tantalizing, each savory moment upon the palate, toalla playa is worthy of every dime.

Each delicate truffle is ultimately packaged as if it were a jewel, placed within a silver jewelry box. Before which, the truffle is placed inside of a pouch similar to the ones diamonds are transported in. This pouch is, set inside its silver home, nestled comfortably within red satin, tied in edible sugar pearls, and adorned with a ribbon. Added to each exquisite gift: a personal note from Fritz himself, that includes a number to let the buyer know that he is the proud owner of a limited edition jewel of a chocolate truffle.

Madeleine truffles are very, retroandclassicflixs very special and cannot be ordered over the counter. To order one of these extravagant confections they must be special ordered about 2 weeks ahead of time.

Moving right along…

For a much less decadent, but still mightily expensive option (and also on Forbes most expensive list), the very upscale cacao beans used by fine chocolate artisan Chuao Chocolatier would still take a hefty bank roll to purchase.

The Cost: $79.00 per pound

Chuao Chocolatier, named after the cacao-producing region of Chuao, VPS Hosting Venezuela, uses European techniques to make their Venezuelan chocolate. Only fresh ingredients are used, and absolutely no preservatives are allowed in these handmade chocolates. These chocolates are single origin in nature, in that they reflect the specific and very delicate nuances of the region where the bean is grown. This is because no beans from any other region are blended in to homogenize the flavor.


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