The Bell Tolls No More for Me and Locomotive Lover Jumps Its Track

Tears collect on my shuttered pane
So I look down. Can’t see the Earth’s sun
Anyway. It stalks the Earth’s dark shadow.
I’d rope the sun, anchor it to the moon

But the Moon flees beyond the trees
She’s scared, happybell doesn’t know what to do.
Earlier she rested, nestled in the breeze
Us sighing, us nesting, her with me.

Just another one of those happy thoughts
I remember. Time took the moment –
It’s gone. Green trees, wealth4living dark clouds stretch up
Visible; in a flash – gone.

Forget your future with its dappled dawns
I’ll toll the bell backward to yesterday
Trim the root but leave much of the old
Pull the sun back and live yesterday.

For once I thought dancing joy was mine
Then she stepped up the rhythm of time.
Sorrow, sabkobol lift your shaking little mallet
And toll upon the hour. Drop it,
Lift it up again. Toll your lowly bell
Upon your lonely hour.

Toll upon the flowerbed that keeps us
Windows for walls; we bed in warm houses
Toll till spring packs us into sellable boxes
Her perfect red petals, her face’s bright hue.

Toll upon the fingers that snapped her stem
Toll upon the flesh that committed such sin
Toll gently her petals, home4cloud such sweet perfumed skin
Toll for your tomorrows
For I’ll have no more of them.

Locomotive Lover Jumps its Tracks

Crooked quarry rocks left
A big gashed hole
Further down the mountain
To build a bed in the peaks
So the tracks can be laid down
For the locomotive lover. Casino enligne
It flies above the chipped up gravel
And those tight iron bars
That hug to its belly sigh
When that part of its body
He passes by. The tar scent
Lingers, and every human
Smell is intimate with the odor
That lingers, twinges,
And twitches the inside hairs
Of your nose. Black smoke
Trails from the diesel engine,
Mixed with sparks and fire
Over a one-eighth mile drop
Which leads to the tramp’s motel
And heated baked beans.

I cannot watch that sleek
Multiple cylinder diesel breathing beast,
Alpine upon that peak so fair
A figure in body, mind and soul
Dashed to gone, escape its tracks
Where it takes you to your now
But it exits mine. I cannot watch
For my heart is broken.
But all men die
As all hearts break, when the last
Of it is spoken.


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