Individuals, Society And Commitments

There are many clear and subtle meanings of definition of an individual, though, the following is very interesting and intriguing. An individual is, “A distinct, indivisible entity, charteracatamaraninthebvi often one among many others of a similar kind. It is also very important to deduce the above definition to read what is written between the lines? It is predominantly leaning towards commercial or corporate culture, differentiating distinctly away from personal meaning. However, the second definition with respect to human relations is, “A single human considered apart from a society or community”.

The foremost definition has two parts that are grouped. Scrutinising the first part of individual as a distinct indivisible entity reveals that it is a separate existence. Secondly, bostonhaikusociety the part among others of a similar kind establishes as fundamental nature or quality. These two phases of definition are reflecting solely a financial angle. Therefore, this individuality plays a commercial role in the society thereby keeping its commitments.

Looking into the human relations; a person is defined as, “the quality of being an individual”. The relationship between an individual and his subjectivity and capacity to choose his or her fate establishes their authority. Therefore, it is considered that an individual emphasis its authenticity, responsibility and free will towards the society. This particular aspect of individuality speaks volumes of human responsibility towards society and their commitments. Aristotle said, “He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god.”

The society is defined as, cosmedclinic “The relationship of men to one another when associated in any way; companionship or fellowship, etc.” The society in general is flourishing on the people whose contribution is evaluated objectively. People register to progress towards all rounds, and happiness prevails. When it is overshadowed by subjective thoughts, then stagnation develops and progressed is thwarted. It eventually becomes a liability and becomes a burden on few good people living in that society.

The individuals and society will account for commitments in terms of men, material and morals. The commitments are also defined as, “Enthusiasm for something and a determination to work hard at it.” The individuals and society expect a fruitful outcome of their commitments. These individuals with their acts and deeds generate values and transform groups of people into a viable society. The ethics and morals associated with individuals, and society shows their commitments as the sacred entity. Their desires and sincerity reflect in the actions and show positive results. On the other hand, the opposite of the above is showing differences and division among individuals leading to a society of disgruntled people. Their performance and action affect everybody both physically and mentally giving birth to anti social elements spreading menace in the so called society.

The commitment which is the culminating point of individuals’ and society’s sincere efforts, paving the way of normality. It will eventually lead to progressive peaceful coexistence. It will spread the knowledge, goodwill message all round and become the beacon of humanity. Therefore, namibia the individuals must put efforts to create a society of like minded people.


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