Clone Golf Clubs – Why You Should Consider Clone Clubs for Duffers

If you have been participating in the game of golf for some time, you must be aware that this is indeed an expensive sport with the cost of equipment being one of the largest factors. To be honest, every golfer is looking for inexpensive golf clubs that can help improve their game too. That is why many golfers are choosing clone clubs for their games.

When I started playing this game, I hunted around and did in-depth research on branded TaylorMade, Ping and Callaway clubs, used and clone golf clubs. After carefully weighing the pros and cons, I decided to go for the clone clubs and I am really happy about my decision.

Clone clubs of popular brands are offered at a cheaper price as the manufacturers have lesser development, distribution and marketing costs. There is a 30% or greater difference in cost between a clone golf club and branded golf club. They can also be custom fitted to your own game and therefore offer excellent value for the money. For more details please visit these sites:-

For example, if you have always wanted Pro Line clubs but are not willing to spend a fortune on them, you can choose the clones of Pro Line clubs and also custom fit them to your exact specifications and measurements. This is not possible with branded clubs that have to essentially be picked up off the shelf. A customized clone club made exactly to your swing and height offers enhanced comfort during play.

Clones of your favorite brand golf clubs play just like the original and are as good as any of the best clubs out there. As compared to the fancy label club, customized clone clubs offer you greater advantage in your game.

As you purchase clone clubs, ensure that good quality components are used and the fit is proper. Rather than picking up a set off the shelf, you can approach companies that build you a customized set to ensure an exact fit.

Be sure that you acquire clone golf equipment of the proper length. Other essential aspects to consider include the right grip size and shaft flex apart from components such as head design. It is important that you choose a clone club with the right head design depending on whether you hook or slice the ball, hit the ball high or drive the ball straight.

You can choose from a range of graphite or steel shafts. If you are picking up off the shelf clubs, it is highly recommended to choose the durable graphite shafts. Senior golfers find graphite lighter and more comfortable to use as compared to the steel shafted clubs. Make certain that the grip feels comfortable, firm and soft.

In summary, make sure the clone club is of the right length, has the perfect grip size and the right shaft flex and you are on your way to enjoying your game of golf for years equipped with the best clone clubs that offer excellent value for money.


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