Chest Acne – Here’s What To Do

Chest acne affects us differently than acne on the face, doesn’t it? It’s not better or worse, just really different. On the good side, people don’t see it as often or as noticeably as the acne on our face, bunnydirectories in most cases. On the other hand, chest acne is rare enough that when we do have it and it is in view, people’s eyes go right for it!

Furthermore, the message you feel like you’re sending when you have chest acne is, “I’m REALLY unhygienic. I’ve even got pimples on my chest! I never wash.” Of course, that’s not true. Your pores on your chest can produce acne as easy (or more easily) than the pores on your face. And what’s more, it can be harder to get rid of because the skin on your chest is thicker than the skin on your face.

Chest acne is more common than you might think. It strikes people who perspires a lot, for instance, people who like to work out or play a sport or two. That heavy sweating, combine with blocked pores, can mean chest acne. So, in a way, a person can be almost punished for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which is kind of ironic. Don’t despair. There is justice in the world. There is help for chest acne.

Here are eight tips to wipe out those pimples on your chest:

1) Try to wear only cotton tops, the fabric that breathes best. This will cut down on the perspiration that can cling to your chest, which might be a reason for your chest acne.

2) In conjunction with this first point, try to avoid tight clothing or heavy backpacks that can irritate your skin and your pimples. Go easy on your chest and treat it with care as you seek healing of the acne.

3) You also need to make sure that you wash the affected areas a couple of times a day, even if that is not your habit. Wash especially after a time of heavy perspiration. Don’t skip that shower to run off and do something else after the game. Wash immediately and get rid of that layer of sweat you brought on (which was worth it considering you won the game).

4) As you wash, go the extra mile by using a scrubbing sponge in a gentle manner. Scrubbing harder will not get rid of your acne in a more effective or more speedy manner. You’ll simply tear up your skin and increase its irritation and/or inflammation. Using a sponge will help you to scrape away dead skin cells, which can accumulate rapidly on your chest.

5) Use a body cleanser as you wash that is specifically designed to fight acne. Plain old soap and water might not do the trick, especially on a stubborn area like your chest. Break out the big guns, spend a few bucks and find a reliable cleanser that will target your acne.

6) Despite what any given cream or lotion claims, try to avoid putting them on your chest as you combat acne. They will only block your pores and slow the healing process. For more info please visit these sites:-

7) Be sure to keep your bed linens clean, especially in the hotter months when you might tend to sleep in the raw from the waist up. This can be a hidden contributor to chest acne. Again, you might need to change your habits. You might not be accustomed to washing your linens each week, but you’re going to need to in order to win this battle. Buy a second or third set of linens so that you don’t have to wash the one set you have and wait for it to dry. Linens are not prohibitively expensive. Keep them clean and rotate them often. And, by linens, I also mean pillow cases.


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