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Our existence is a pretty deal in a pretty big place and being such, there are a whole variety of Different Energy Options that we can pursue as a species. When it comes to energy there isn’t really a right way or a wrong way, but rather a whole bunch of different ways. We have compiled a detailed Alternative Energy Sources List for our readers to get a better understanding of all the different types of power generation options currently available to us. haltonmachining

Some of these alternative energy sources you will have already heard about and others will knock your socks off. For instance, you know full well about oil and how we get power from that, but did you know that we can actually get energy from the sun, algae, hydrogen, physical power and more?

Alternative Energy Sources List

In no specific order, lest go over the current options that we could pursue in our search for Alternative Energy to replace or supplement oil as our primary source of energy. Starting with the one we all know:

Oil Power Generation

Oil is a fossil fuel that exists naturally within the Earth itself. From oil being found in underground pools to micro fragments being stuck in rock and sand; Oil Power Generation has got man from the dawn of the 20th century and likely will continue to leap us through the 21st! wrdesignprint

Coal Power Production

Coal Power Production is the next of the Different Energy Options we are going to cover and it is a commonly known source of power generation; however due to a universally painted negative image of coal mining, many are very reluctant to continue the mining of coal. Coal mines of the past used to create considerable environmental damage and once the mining had been completed the landscape mined would forever be “altered”. With new and cutting edge clean coal technology however, that image of dirty coal may soon be a thing of the past.

Hydroelectric Power Production

This is a neat one for our Alternative Energy Sources List and it is what the name implies – Hydroelectric Power Production. Imagine being able to get the vast majority of our power requirements from good old fashion water! Well, it is possible and scientists are hard at work to develop a realistic and sustainable way of harnessing natural energy from the manipulation and movement of water. Sounds futuristic I know, but just wait because the future is going to be really futuristic!

Algae Power Generation

Now out of all the Different Energy Options this one seems to be President Obama’s pet project many would say. Did you know that it is actually possible to harness the natural cycle of photosynthesis and turn it into energy that we can use? Really we can do this right now. The problem with Algae Power Generation though is the amount of land required to create “algae farms” large enough to impact our oil imports and additionally there are problems with the refinement process and long term effects farming it on massive scales may have on the environment as a whole.

Hydrogen Power Generation

To the moon and back Newt Gingrich would say! Out of all the Different Energy Options Hydrogen is the most abundant resource in the known universe. That’s right, should man ever travel the stars one day it is very possible that the fuel we use to power our space engines will in fact be derived from Hydrogen Power Generation. From moons to asteroids and from planets to comets; Hydrogen can be found nearly anywhere in the universe in great and vast quantities. The problem lies with the refining of it. We can refine the stuff, the problem is refining it fiscally, but when we figure out an economically sound way of introducing hydrogen fuel to the masses it is gonna get real spacey around here! For more info please visit these sites :- https://www.dkproducts.biz

Fusion Power Generation

Fusion Power Generation is a good one, but it is also one of the more dangerous on our Alternative Energy Sources List. Vast amounts of energy can be harnessed through the fusion process; however there are great risks involved with the actual production of said energy. Fusion works by taking two particles and making both of them go as fast as possible in opposite directions and then at peek velocity; smashing them into one another. It is this collision that creates a type of energy that we could then harness for our power need, but with that energy it also provides great risk of a containment breach. Once man masters fusion who knows, maybe Hydrogen will be a thing of the past.

Human Power Production

Now this is one of the Different Energy Options that bugs us a little only because we should already have this type of energy generation vastly available in our world today and we do not. Physical power is really no different than any other power and it can be harnessed to power just about anything. The more one “moves” the more Human Power Production can potentially be generated and harnessed. Talk about the ultimate sustainable energy source, us!

Natural Gas Energy Production

Natural Gas Energy Production is a good one for our Alternative Energy Sources List and it is actually being used today on large scales. A considerable amount of the United States runs off of natural gas power and tomorrow even more may. Natural gas is actually a pretty safe and secure way of generating power, the risk comes into play in its susceptibility to accidents. Natural Gas is flammable of course, but because the gas is stored and sent through pipes underground, if an explosion where to occur in any residential or commercial building, there is a potential of knocking out or blowing up and entire block or more should an accident occur. With such high risk only time will tell how we tackle that problem!

Solar Energy Generation

Solar Energy Generation is derived from harnessing the suns natural rays and converting them into usable electricity. Powering things through solar power is actually really feasible; however as with any of the Different Energy Options there are problems. The most significant issue with solar power is that we simply could not power any considerable application for any measurable duration. Meaning that when we transfer the power we gather from the sun allot of it escapes and is lost. With such a high rate of lost energy one really needs to ask themselves is solar power really an option for the masses?


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