Party Games to Spice Up a Celebration

There are many types of party games, adult games, kid’s games, and store bought and homemade and each is appropriate for a different audience. Many of you remember playing the old spin the bottle game when you were in school though most of us have outgrown it. We still fondly remember the games we played at friends parties. In the variety of adult and kids games there are the ever popular ‘Round Robin’ and ‘Relay Races.’ Each can be tailored to suit the audience. nahls

Adult parties can have quick five minute games of round robin Poker or Twenty One. Kids can play Round Robin Go Fish. Adding a time limit to the games really increases the tension and hopefully perks up your guests competitive sides so they get involved in the party. A Relay Race is most often played at family oriented parties. You can simply have teams handing off sticks or you can have them trying to carry raw eggs in spoons to each other. The latter types of games may take awhile and get messy so it’s best to have them outdoors. Messipoker

Store bought games are fun and can apply to adult or kids’ parties. Twister is an all time favorite for those of all ages and usually gets a good laugh going. Store bought games are usually board games so you probably won’t want to plan on playing the game for the entire party. A game like monopoly should only be put on the party schedule if this is a Monopoly tournament or if your guests are hard core board gamers.

Made up games like ‘Who am I’ are great fun. As each guest arrives you pin a sheet of paper with the name of a famous person or character to their back. They then spend the rest of the party asking each other questions to try and figure out who they are by other people’s answers. preferablepups


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