How Should I Attach My Lace Wig – Tapes or Adhesives?

We have many enquiries about the best way to attach lace wigs, should you use tapes, adhesives, a mixture of both or maybe even buy a you don’t have to bother with any of them at all!

To make it easier, here follows a basic checklist so you can be in a better position to make up your own mind.

Adhesive tapes for wigs, toupees & hairpieces

Maybe the simplest way of attachment, tapes usually come in either rolls or strips with a variety of contours. If you use a roll you cut off the amount you wish to use whereas a contour strip comes ready formed. We find that the most popular rolls are ¾” x 3 yards and the most popular contour is ‘CC’.

The tapes come in a variety of ‘tack’ or stickiness. You should examine your life style and decide how long you want to keep your lace front, full lace, toupee or hairpiece on for, which in some cases could be for anything up to 6 weeks!

The milder tapes are suitable for if you only want to keep your lace front on for a day or two. Tapes like this include Supertape, Red Liner &No Shine. The next grade will last for 1-2 weeks and the strongest tapes like Blue Liner,Superstick&Ultrahold will maintain their tack for 4 weeks or more. But here’s a warning, everyone’s metabolism is different, red lace front wig and what is a strong tape for one person may not necessarily be a strong tape on another person – the only way to finds out is to try a few different types and evaluate for yourself. Afrodite sell sampler packs of sensitive & strong tapes so you can find an inexpensive way to try out the different types. You can see what we have for you to try here.

Liquid Adhesives

Like the tapes, these come in a variety of formulations. Most are water resistant, but some are based on solvents whilst others are waterbased. The strongest adhesives can be a little toxic for some people – if you are worried about this it can be best to look for a medical grade adhesive like Davlyn Green. If you want to have a longer hold, you could try something like Ultra Hold or Vapon No Tape.

It can also be useful to apply a product like Scalp Protector before you put the adhesive on. This forms a barrier between your skin and the glue which not only makes the adhesive more effective but also helps to protect the skin from having direct contact with the glue.

Adhesive tapes + Liquid Adhesives

You can use a combination of the two types for a firmer & more secure hold. For instance, you could use the liquid adhesive at the front and the back and use the tapes for the sides. Here again, its up to you to experiment and find what works out best for you.


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