A Professional Ad Design Over a Free Lousy Ad Design

Advertising through magazines is staggering nowadays. It has become a major part of mass media where it targets a much bigger consumer base. It is believed that advertising in newspapers and magazines return investments much better than advertising on the web media. By advertising in the newspapers and magazines, companies can target those people who do not have access to the net, usf95zonesince not all people are tech-savvy. Both magazine and newspaper advertising has a common goal. To persuade those who may become customers who will use their products or services. Although both medium share a common goal, their effectiveness when it comes to business marketing varies.

The difference between Newspaper and Magazine Advertisement

Newspapers have been around for centuries and they have been a consistent part of every day hold up of most people. Newspaper ads are the oldest form of advertising. Advertising started with newspaper ads and today has grown so much that even internet advertising has become a reality. The good thing about the newspaper ads is that though the costs have increased tremendously, they still are reasonably priced as compared to other form of advertising. techmagazinenews

Newspaper ads are printed and priced on per square basis. The cost of color ads is higher as compared to black and white ads. Ads that have color as well as design or graphical representation or a photo in them cost more. Large color ads with designs are the costliest newspaper ads.

Magazine ads are also very good way of advertising and marketing. Since many people read magazines, it helps capture a larger audience. It caters specific market; designer clothes, high performance cars, luxury living, etc. It can directly feature a product or services of a specific firm. Magazine advertising can also be viewed as an advice giver, and their potential for pushing a product is huge. It can market a product to millions of people through recommendation in the magazine.

In a magazine, the front cover ad and the rear cover ads cost more than the ads that are printed in the middle pages. In a magazine, poster size ads can also be printed, but are costlier than the normal as well as the cover ads. Magazine ads are generally colored ad. Hence the minimum cost would be the same as the maximum cost a color news paper ad. renownednews

Things to consider in choosing the right Designer

Selecting the right man for the right job at the right time is an extremely difficult task. Clients, who are looking for graphic designers to do their work, often do not know how to select the appropriate graphic designer. Since the selection of a graphic designer is a very daunting and tiring process, clients tend to get frustrated and select the graphic designer they can easily locate.

There are several ways a clients could go about searching for a graphic designer. Some of these include: 1. Checking design companies and freelance graphic designers. 2. Contacting established companies and their hired graphic designers. 3. Asking your business associates and relatives who have previously hired a graphic designer. 4. Posting free classified ads on online design forums. xnxx

How to Choose a Professional Graphic Designer

Many clients have difficulty choosing a graphic designer, simply because they aren’t sure what to look for. Here are some things to consider when choosing a professional graphic designer:

• A strong portfolio. The imagery should be memorable as well as appropriate for each project. For instance, an ad directed at senior citizens should not include very small type.

• A strong sense of marketing. Pretty images are a dime a dozen. The designer should be able to clearly articulate the goal of each piece and how it reached its audience. Good design communicates and motivates; it does not merely decorate. Designers should be able to tell you how their work translated into higher sales figures, greater attendance at clients’ events, or some other concrete result of their work.

• Excellent business skills. A good designer stays on top of all the details of your project and makes the best use of your time and money.

• Formal education in graphic design, not just software skills. Graphic design is an art and craft with foundational principles that have a direct impact on the effectiveness of printed communication. A designer’s software skills have little impact on their ability to translate your brand.

• Personable and professional demeanor. Since you choose whom you’ll work with, hire someone you’ll enjoy partnering with and who provides professional service.

While it can be helpful if a designer has experience with the particular product you envision, it is not always necessary. Good design skills can transcend most media and good designers will tell you up-front if they aren’t right for the job. techimpacter

So why choose a Professional Ad Design over a Free Lousy Design?

It’s simple! It’s quality that matters, not quantity!

Most magazines and newspapers offer a somewhat attractive scheme to their clients. Their In-house designers offer clients free ad design to allure them to take the offer. The risk is, since it is a free ad design, quality is an issue. Poor quality produces poor results.

Whereas, professional designers understand the client’s financial commitment to their design project. They are skilled in selecting the appropriate and effective strategies. Quality and efficiency are key factors. By using a professional designer to create ideal concepts for your business, both time and expense are greatly reduced and great results expected.


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